Why It’s Dangerous to Listen to Gurus

… and when you shouldn’t follow “expert” advice

You know how you see a video reel from someone you’ve been following for a while and it sounds just like what you need to hear at that moment? It puts you right into action!

You read a great story of a schoolteacher who is just crushing it on TikTok and made 4x her salary already this year.

Someone who made $72,000 off his first ebook digital product.

This simple trick lead to a $3 Million sale. Yes, I just saw this claim on LinkedIn liked by a guru I follow!

Maybe you read a post with a really successful tactic and it sounds like a great idea – one you haven’t tried yet. And, you are always paying attention to what others are saying is working and is not.

When you first focused more business online, you probably read and heard from gurus to do a few Live videos each week, or run a workshop.

And so you think, wow, it worked really well for them, why don’t I do that?

We all know that success doesn’t come this easy, and luck isn’t the way to plan your business strategy.

Some of the goals they mention are just unreachable by the majority of businesses or are inflated. Also, those gurus might be trying to sell you something by making things sound better than they are.

Gurus often make things overly simple and aren’t realistic. Sometimes they make things sound easier than they are.

Hearing that running and growing a business means hard work and persistence isn’t nearly as attractive as their statements even if it’s the truth.

Truesix posted, “I wouldn’t take advice from Jenner on how to get my business off the ground with Instagram marketing, because we don’t come from the same place. She has 135 million followers on Instagram, I’ve got 280. We’re not comparable.”*

Unless you are in the same industry, same experience, same resources and money, same staff structure, same tools, same age and stage of business, put in the same amount of time, have the same skills, are willing to work as hard, you will not get the same results.

Unless you are their exact match, you will not get the same results!!!!

Doing what a large company with a different agenda does will not guarantee traffic for your business. Unless you have the same budget and can consistently spend what the guru spends, then the tactics will probably not work as well for you.

Pushing messages and getting leads of any kind to fill your pipeline just doesn’t work long-term. Quick growth or quick sales can certainly have value but will not sustain a business that lasts and grows. Unfortunately, many companies are just spinning their wheels on low-impact work. If a company is chasing short-term revenue then staff will chase leads wherever they can get them.

You can’t just copy your way to success. You will have to learn, uplevel your skills, and continuously improve your marketing strategy.

You must make decisions that come from your base strategy.

And from your mindset, skill levels and tools.

Most marketing tactics aren’t that simple, they all take time and effort. But at the end of the day, there are bigger chances of succeeding than shooting for quick customers that only buy once.

Nothing worth anything is really that easy, right?