Find Your Money Personality

Your Money Personality

If you want to meet your goals for your money, it’s important to start first with why you want what you want. Your financial decisions are driven by your attitude about how and why you spend. The more involved you are with your money decisions, the more you are able to make decisions based on a plan over your emotions.  It’s a lot more fun to get what you really want then to have the quick pleasure of something that goes away quickly. Knowing your money personality can help you reach smarter money goals whether there is something you need now, or saving for something later.

Knowing what drives your financial decisions helps you control your money, and make choices that work better for you short-term, and long-term. Get your money to work for you and match your values and interests instead of quick, fun and regrettable purchases.

Think about your feelings as you earn, spend, save and invest money:

  • What is your natural tendency when you receive money?  
  • How do you feel when you spend money?  
  • How do you feel when you give or loan money to someone?
  • How do you react to advertising and coupons?
  • What do you do when you don’t have enough money for your household bills?
  • How do you feel when you buy something new?  How does that feel a week later? A month later?

Think about your spending habits over the past 3 months and respond:

Check which one fits you best:Pick your Money Personality:

⬜SpenderThinks of today, pleasure in the moment, likes status
Watch impulsivity and work on giving
⬜StockpilerOversaves and has trouble spending for appropriate items, avoids planning
Work with a budget
⬜SaverSecurity for tomorrow, limits spending today to save for future
Ensure good balance of spending and saving
⬜SlackerOverspends and carries debt, worships money but puts no thought into managing it
Start tracking spending, and begin a spending plan or monthly budget
⬜StewardBalances spending and saving limiting both, vigilant, uses money to help others
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Spending is not the opposite of saving, it’s the opposite of earning.

-Larry Burkett

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