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PODCAST: The 3 Shifts Needed for Online Success

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Most of the companies today are in the process of undergoing a digital transformation. But, only a limited number of companies have succeeded in reaching this goal. Even companies with decades-long histories have failed because they don’t know how to drive digital transformation. They think they just need the right technology in their toolset. 

In this podcast, our guest Sandra Lynn tries to break that myth and highlights about the 3 important phases required for Online Marketing Success i.e. Mindset, Skillset and Toolset. They vary from person to person and from organization to organization.

Sandra is an experienced strategic marketing planning advisor, business development consultant, eLearning expert, and seasoned business owner. As a trailblazer, Sandra started 7 businesses without any investors and sold two of them. She’s taught e-marketing classes at NYU Stern, Columbia, Pace, and FIT, as well as continuing education programs; and even worked with several of the Shark Tank hosts.

If you want to get a FREE action plan call to discuss your specific business needs or know more about her, visit – http://sandralynn.cc