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3 Self-Publishing Steps for Selling on Amazon

Cora Darrah has been an educator in the public school system for over 35 years and has written three books successfully selling them on Amazon, and is almost finished with the fourth one. Her first book made the Amazon bestseller list in the first week!  She is getting ready to see how that one is going to sell and wants to share with us some the steps self-published authors should do to set themselves up a really good book launch.

Here are her 3 steps that have made her a best-selling, successful author online:

Step 1

The first step you need to do after you’ve written your book is to make sure that you format your manuscript so that it will be ready for the digital selling environment. Now, if you are unsure about how to do this then, then Cora would suggest that you look into some different online publishing companies or consultants, but you can also go right to Amazon and they will give you the tips that you need in order to get your manuscript ready for sale.

The book companies that might help self-published authors to publish their book and put the pieces together like the pages and layouts are excellent and varied, but also can be expensive. You need to choose one that understands your target audience well, and also offers the varied services you might need without charging you for the ones you don’t.  Some specialize in digital format only, and others offer both electronic version creation and print. So just hunt around and find a company that suits your needs.

Cora has also sold books by using Amazon creation tools directly. They will give you an outline and help you right through that process.  The online screens walk you step by step and make it really easy once everything is prepared and ready to self-publish.

Step 2

After your manuscript is formatted for digital and/or print distribution, the next step is to create the assets you need to for a really dynamic cover and so you want to definitely look into hiring someone who can help you with the cover images and illustrations, if you happen to be publishing a children’s book author, for example.  It’s really important to find a graphic designer that can just make the cover pop and stand out.

Then, you’ll need to write supportive content about your book. The marketing and promotional writings will be content like your bio, the cover summaries, and anything that stands out to meet the needs of the people that are in your target audience.

It is also very important as well to use the words that you’re going to use on your in your title as well as your subtitle that speaks to that audience that will draw that audience to your book.

Step 3

This last step is crucial because the entire point of trying to launch your book is to sell them to the right people, so you must talk to the right people in your audience and spread the word about your book.

Once you get your book ready to sell, it’s important to just reach out to people that are in your target audience that would be willing to write reviews.  That might be somebody like yourself, or others in your circles. Cora is writing her latest book about women who struggle so she will seek out women like that. It may even be a woman that might be writing, or has written, a book that’s similar to that would be willing to write a review. This is especially valuable if the person comes from the same genre or groups since the target reader would already be interested in your topic.

It’s really important to reach out to people and get as many reviews that you can as you plan your pre-launch and what you’re going to do the day of the launch.  You will want to involve as many people and many friends that you have to participate in that launch. Cora has been so successful with this Step that her very first book actually was an Amazon bestseller within the first week.

Anyone looking to self-publish on Amazon would be wise to follow these 3 steps from a true professional and somebody who’s been successful by following these steps herself.

Wishing everybody all success with their writing and they’re launching a book and hopefully selling them with great success on Amazon!


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