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Charging By the Hour, or By Project?

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What is the difference with quotes by the hour, or by project?

You can hire someone by the hour to get tasks done, or you can hire marketing support with experience and history to solve problems for you and move you from project to project along the path to your goals. The advantages of having outside marketing support include quicker turnaround time, knowledge on what works and what doesn’t, and the additional learnings from other work – both from other companies and even other industries – that come to the table to help you with decision-making and priorities.

Isn’t it easier to get quoted rates hourly?

No. Begin paid by the hour limits the opportunities for everyone. You are probably looking to move forward with your marketing efforts and build on successes. That is determined by projects that build off each other, that are interrelated. Measuring time spent will not serve you well. Project quotes are best when they are value-based—which means you’re paying for the value of the completed project, not the time spent producing it. In an interconnected and distracted world like now, it’s even more difficult to set time constraints on the flow of information. You probably don’t want someone watching the clock while they are trying to write copy and test options for you.

Good marketing takes people working together and your marketing team needs to be an extension of your business. Hourly workers usually cannot serve this role. Marketing projects take solid navigation and skills not currently held within your team.

It is often better if projects are quoted based on scope. If projects are inter-rated and booked together then efficiencies are created and you can probably save time and money.

How do we compare pricing options for services this way?

If you know exactly what you want to do for your strategy and your tactics and want someone to execute what you have clearly laid out, then an hourly marketing support might be a good fit.

Most clients, however, do not have written strategies, a brand style guide, completed editorial calendars, a track record of successful campaigns, a full library of digital assets (content, images, logos, videos, etc) approved by all departments to use. No one can begin successful marketing activities without this foundation.

Clients who decide to work by project believe in paying for a high-quality, conversion-oriented product—not just a finished task.


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