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How to Start a Podcast

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Here’s a Checklist of tasks to get started podcasting in an hour!

Working through the list in order goes quickly, we promise:

❐ Pick a specific subject, name, logo

❐ Write a few lines about your topic and who your audience will be

❐ Choose format – self, interview a guest, etc

❐ Select a podcast host – Anchor.fm is free and simple for beginners but there are many in the link below

❐ Decide if you will record on your phone or laptop, either is fine

❐ Practice recording yourself saying anything  practice, practice

❐ Draft up a list of topics, and maybe a list of guests

❐ Draft up a script outline for your few episodes

❐ Write out brief intro and outro blurbs to use for every episode

❐ Use any simple recorder to rehearse your first episode.  This will probably be your backstory and why you are creating this podcast.

❐ When you are ready, go to your podcast host account and record from there

❐ You are now an official podcaster!

❐ Share your link on social and with friends

❐ Get powered up to share your voice and your amazing message!

Finally, here you can find a great list of links to all the areas where you’ll need to make some choices of tools to help you. Not all are free or for beginners so don’t get bogged down in this and just start anyway that simplest for you!

The One List of Podcasting Tools You Need

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The One List of Podcasting Tools You Need