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5 Easy Steps to Get Recognized as an Expert

Everyone has got their own special set of skill: whether it could be weaving, making cupcakes, fixing tires, computer repair, doll collecting, pet grooming, gym routines, special legal work, wedding planning, helping people, organizing, working phone apps, or anything else, you’ve been told to write an ebook and sell it online. Or, maybe you’ve been told you can make money with webinars or courses online.

The first step to make is to decide if the right way to go about developing is to work on yourself or on your business. If you’d rather develop yourself, then you need to brand yourself as you’d do with a business, but if you want to make the company shine, you can follow the tips below to improve the reputation of your enterprise. Creating a personal brand follows the same marketing rules as branding for a business. 

Are you ready to run a business built upon your expertise?  There are plenty of bakers that don’t want to run a bakery, and mechanics who don’t want to run an auto shop, and this synthesizes the concept quite well: not everyone with a skill can or want to create their own activity by themselves, preferring to work for others and leaving the entrepreneurial side behind.

Step 1: Brand Yourself

Claim your unique identity and your message, by establishing  your story in a way that it can relate to the public. And it helps you to showcase your unique talents.

Your ideas and way of operating should be portrayed by your branding tools such as your website,  and your marketing budgets.

Now that you’ve found your voice, and stated your authority in a neat package, you need to validate it.  You’ll need to show the social proof of your offerings in the area of your expertise.

Even though your business is “you”, you still need to keep your personal essence separate from your business side, in order to offer a more professional  outlook.  Keep separate Facebook pages and promote only your business website.

Step 2: Use Content

To become a known role model, you should reach your target audience by writing and speaking about a well defined topic,  adding some personal information  so that the audience can begin to know you better.  

Establish trust level with consistent, meaningful, relevant topics and information in order to gain recognition and improve your authority level.

As Seth Godin states, “Individuals are also valued and respected in large measure by the quality of attention and trust they earn from their publics.” Seth’s Blog.

Tell success stories and showcase your expertise!

A blog is still one the best platforms for you to post content: it is better to talk straight and be authentic, featuring articles for other sites to get the linkbacks and increase your findability by search with strong SEO features. Audio podcasts or vlog will also work great if you are not willing to maintain all the writing a blog takes.

Step 3: Start Dialog

To begin developing a relevant influence and elevate your presence, it is vital to distribute and promote your content to industry-related linkedin groups, via private messages, post, responses and question answering on providers such LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo Answers, Quora and many more.

Stick to your niche to improve your chances to establish your reputation as you offer tips and advice.

Make your blog active with conversations, create videos out of the most relevant Q&A sessions, 

be provocative and take a stand with a strong opinion on your responses, breaking the ice and opening the door for more communication and display of your expertise.

Collect email addresses at every step so that you can continue the conversations.

Step 4: Grow Relationships

Earn your authority through your online dialogue: this will bring trust, interaction and customers.

Participating in LinkedIn discussions keeps you above the fold in two ways :In LinkedIn groups, popular discussions get brought above the fold on the group page, and also starting and interacting in a popular discussion catapults you near to the top of this list.

Build your own group, be helpful and get testimonials to become an influencer.

Network with partners that are non-competitive experts for panel discussions and mastermind groups.  Co-promote and hold workshops,  Offer to speak at a local school or university.

Step 5: Create your Solution – Consult, Educate, and Sell

You should speak offline, guest online for Lives or summits, guest on other’s podcasts, publish any awards accolades and certifications gained. You can also create online courses and other training materials.

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