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Through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur

…Do you see what we see?

With the economy in another difficult stage, many more people will think about starting their own businesses. Millionaires have made their millions from starting their own business, but most people have no idea of what entrepreneurs really look for in their business and what chances to take and not to take. The most common reason people don’t start their own business is the idea of failure.  Some common questions to ask yourself: 

 How do I know if now is the right time to start my own businesses?

How do I know if my business is going to strive?

Do I have the willpower and dedication for my business? 

This article will help you answer these questions, prepare you for the world of entrepreneurship and give you insight to the vision of what entrepreneurs see.  So how does an entrepreneur get started?  We see that working for a lifetime for a company or an employer is a myth of security and rewards, and has a better idea. A true entrepreneur sees an opportunity and finds ways to meet the need. We know that striving for success is the ultimate and that working with success at a job is just work. Package what you love into something you can earn money on, build to sell, run without you. Entrepreneurs ask: What can I grow? They don’t ask what’s in it for me. Or how can I get rich? The money is not important, it’s about the creation. It’s about using our gifts and talent to bring about something new. Loving the unknown and trusting yourself there is never time to start a business and there is never money to start a business. You just do it anyway, and it starts coming together.

We can see the ideas, and they have an emphasis on anticipation; Predicting the future.  Always scouting for opportunities; an entrepreneur sees exactly how his company will look in the future.  We see the desk area, the staff, the ideas, and the clients.  We can see the clients coming in the door, we can visualize the staff working on projects and having meetings.  An entrepreneur feels it working before it even forms.  Every step starts becoming a reality making it more and more real. It’s about creating something larger than you.  An entrepreneur can see a vivid image of the future destination from the 10,000 mile high view. Having a vision creates a sense of urgency.  An entrepreneur sees their business so clearly that it already exists. This creates the momentum and energy flow to move things along.

We see the best outcome; and become energized by its power. Constant opportunities for them too change and reaffirm their self-worth and successes. This is energizing starting a new business is creating systems, drafting all the paperwork, dealing with legal, accounting, and many other vendors.  Then you have to hire staff, manage staff, and everything that it involves.  You go from not wanting a boss to being the boss.  You go from doing your job, to doing 10 different jobs.  You have a lot more rules and a lot more people dictating your time and efforts. It’s all about knowing what activities are right, setting goals but not changing tactics along the way to meet those goals, staying the course or path is what makes you and defines you. 

The only one setting and watching your goals is you.  With a working set of goals, after one is achieved the next goal should be dreamed so quickly that there is always more.  By the time you get closer and closer, you have developed new dreams that are even bigger and all about the journey, not the destination. What we are doing is not primarily a means to money, status or success but that it’s fulfilling in itself. Easy way is usually an exit ramp to stay optimistic and creative through setbacks. In facing an obstacle we don’t react, we get creative and see opportunities in problems. 

We see the staff as partners and helpers.  Get people behind the idea.  Put together a team of people that have similar interests and the elements of the master plan suit their individual desires. Team building – common goal, not same passion but same interest. They need to share the vision and the passion. 

An entrepreneur sees that the best idea or best widget won’t make any money if no one knows about it.  Entrepreneurs recognize the importance of marketing their great idea. We plan to invest a significant portion of funding into marketing.  Whether planned for in-house or contract work, we value the discipline of hard efforts that you can track and some that you can’t in order to get the message out to the target audiences. Find out if there is a market, what is the market size; test it out, study competitive forces.

Knowing that it’s not your talent, birthright, or your bank account that determines your business sense, it isn’t in your gender or the color of your skin, either.  It’s the entrepreneurial eyes, ears, and mind that built an attitude that lets you win. Audacity – bold not aggressive. It’s not that we set out to endure grueling periods of deprivation but since that often happens anyway, we hope to be prepared and stronger to handle them. Has a fierce resolve, committed to the plan at-hand, its passion, and intensity and no-matter-what an untamed spirit. Willing to explore all avenues, and using the depths of creativity. Willing to review and learn from mistakes, and stay on course with new tactics. Self-motivation with a strong drive, strict discipline and taking the initiative all add in. 

We see the end, certain personal activities and the willingness to accept the sacrifices. Everything costs something, what price we are willing to pay is the question. It’s about personal sacrifice and willingness to change your own path. No problem saying no to social events or personal time. Not afraid to work harder and longer than others.

Knowing when to quit a task or strategy is key.  We don’t allow anything to distract us from the plan and the dream. We will stop doing one thing if it pulls energy and focus away from the plan, even if it’s a successful venture on its own. Corporations would have a difficult challenge being this decisive and focused.

We welcome the setbacks.  We expect them, so that we can better ourselves. If you don’t have setbacks then something is wrong. We accept them and move on.  

Do you look like an entrepreneur?  Step out and step up!

Sandra Barry is a serial entrepreneur having owned and sold more than 5 companies. For over 25 years, she has helped hundreds of businesses develop new business areas and organize for growth through marketing, Internet, and business development consulting.